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Illustrated Tapes - Mycophilia


I had the pleasure of creating the November 2022 mixtape for Illustrated Tapes. The brief was open, so I was free to create a playlist and accompanying artwork about any theme or subject. I decided to use this opportunity to celebrate one of my favourite interests/hobbies - Fungi! Since the many lockdown walks of 2020 I have been fascinated with fungi and love spotting them when I am out walking in my local woodlands.

I started by building my playlist with music that both makes me think of fungi, but also that I would like to listen to whilst out fungi spotting. I was then able to listen to the mixtape whilst creating the artwork so I could really channel the music into my illustration. The design incorporates a character I had sketched previously who felt fitting for this piece, and I had a great time drawing the many varieties of fungi in the forest around them.

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