Sofía Johnston

Illustrator + Animator

Hello! My name is Sofía and I am a freelance illustrator and animator, currently based in London, UK. My work focuses largely on the creation of surreal worlds and characters, in the past few years I have focused more on animating my work to bring it to life. I am interested in immersing my audience into the worlds I create by adding captivating movement and sound, and incorporating interactive elements into my work. In the next few years I hope to explore this further through immersive/ interactive exhibitions and projects.


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It's Nice That (2019)

Franco Manca (2019)

Hey Habito Ltd. (2020)

Spitfire Audio (2020)

Departing Records (2018/2019)



Final1.jpeg - illustration exhibition

Colours May Vary, Leeds


Another Home - virtual exhibition

Dovetail Joints Virtual Gallery